4 Responses in One Week–3 Acceptances, 1 Rejection

I’ve updated the My Works page with the new forthcoming pieces and links where I could find them. Also, my site was offline for a bit because I, not my wonderful webhost, screwed up the billing cycle. Organization is not my strong suit. I know this. Please don’t point and laugh.

So a late update: The 7th week of the year, the week of the 13th, brought me 1 rejection and 3 acceptances. The rejection was the old story I’d pulled out and managed to revise with what I thought was a much better ending than it had before. The note came late on Sunday night, starting the week. Small bummer, but it didn’t bother me too much. I’d sent it to a brutal market and had expected a rejection. (My intention was to send it right back out, and I haven’t done that. I’ve resolved to do that this week, along with a new submission for week 9.)

The first acceptance came on Wednesday the 16th, with a story I’d submitted two days before as my week 7 sub. I’d managed to write 2 stories during week 6, and this was the second one. It was pure fun, so having it accepted was a thrill. That made my week.

But then Saturday came, and made it even better. Saturday the 19th was a magical day for me with 2 acceptances.  Two in one day! Felt fantastic. Neither “qualify” as Write 1 Sub 1 publications, because they were both stories written or mostly written before I started the challenge. I’d revised them and made them my week 3 and 4 submissions. One was previously published in 2004 as a super-short of only 69 words. I expanded it out to over 100 to let it breathe just a little. The other was written in August of 2010 but needed some work. One acceptance came in the evening, and a few hours later the other came. What an awesome day!

My week 8 story is written and has been subbed, so I’m on track for the month and ready for March. I’ll post with the details when I get my shiny February Fahrenheit badge.

The downside to getting so many responses during that week was that I went from having 6 stories circulating to having only 2 out there. Now I have 3, thanks to my week 8 submission. It’s much easier to fret when you only have two or three out than it is when you have 6, I find. Writing the stories has been the easy part of the challenge for me (so far), but I really resist fast submissions. I’ve done it—the first acceptance of the year was written two days before I submitted it, and it was fairly long—but I don’t like it.

In that case, my goal for March is to submit more than 1 per week so I can build my out-on-submission number up. I’d like to get all the stories written this year so far out on submission before April, as well as at least two that will be written during March.

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