About Me

Hi. I’m Shelley. I started writing for fun when I was a little kid. I’ve had both fiction and poetry published in print and online magazines. Now I write non-fiction for a living, and fiction for joy and satisfaction. I’d like to flip those around someday.

I write a lot of horror fiction and stories that are best classified as “weird,” but I also long to write good literary fiction, science fiction and some types of fantasy. I write what I feel like writing at the time. My reading habits are the same.

(Disclaimer: The adorable, perky cartoon girl in the upper right corner bears absolutely no resemblance to me in any meaningful way. I’m a fair bit wider than she is. And I would probably never wear a shirt with that pattern. I also dislike using pencils. Just so we’re clear.)

A list of my published works
My Write 1 Sub 1 progress

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