June Recap, July Plans

June was tough, because of less time and shifting priorities. I knew it would be, and even considered downgrading from the weekly to the monthly W1S1 (1 story/1 sub a month, as opposed to 1 a week). I didn’t, however, and still had hoped to meet the goal of 5 stories written in June. Didn’t happen!

While the competitive, but-I-said-I-was-gonna! part is a little frothy about the mouth at the idea of not hitting that goal, most of me (about 98%, I’d say) is okay. I feel like what I did write this month–2 stories of the hoped-for 4–were good stories. I enjoyed writing them, and look forward to seeing where they might end up, and who might enjoy them. I’ve also come to the decision that for July/August at least, I can commit to the monthly W1S1, but not weekly. I may write more than 1 story (in fact, I am hoping for at least 2) but I can’t commit to more than that right now. And I feel pretty good about the switch.

So my May plans are to write 1 new story, sub as much as feels right (which will be at least the required 1, but probably much more), and spend any other fiction-writing time revising the dozen stories written this year that are patiently waiting for their turn.

I’ve had a great 6 months, so I feel nothing but positive about the whole experience. June stats:

Wrote: 2

  • Submitted: 17
  • Accepted: 4 + 1 first place win (Shock Totems bi-monthly flash contest)
  • Published: Poem in Niteblade, short story in Luna Station Quarterly
  • Rejections: 7
  • Withdrawals: 6


I’ve only ever withdrawn something once before, because the email kept bouncing. Probably wasn’t even a withdrawal, since they never got it. This month, I had 5 micro-shorts at a market for a long time that seemed kind of off, so I queried twice, about a month apart. Couldn’t get the dude to say boo, so I withdrew them. I also had submitted to a market some time ago that hasn’t been replying to anybody in months. I didn’t query, I just pulled it, resubmitted, and it was accepted within a couple of days elsewhere.

So, that was June. Today is July 1st, and I do feel a sense of relief and not having to produce a completed story each week this month, knowing how I’m going to feel as the month wears on (which won’t be great). But I also feel optimistic about getting stories revised and submitted.

I hope everyone else feels the same!


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