Prose Might Suck

Probably Murderous State. Potentially Mindbogglingly Suckalicious. Psychotic Meltdown Soon. Yeah. The first few seconds of this creates just the right atmosphere for my outlook on life today, and yesterday and most likely, damn it, tomorrow.

In more stable news, I revised the story I’d meant to finish to send to Enchanted Conversation back in February. Their window for submissions was 4 days, Mon-Thu. I wrote the story the week before, and meant to have another look at it Thursday night so I could submit it Friday, because I mistakenly thought I had all week. I didn’t get to it Thursday night, and on that Friday when I went to revise I realized I’d missed the window. I let it sit until yesterday. I finally tinkered and sent it out, as well as found a few potential markets. The title changed and the word count dropped, and I think it’s better overall.

I have a very strong feeling this will end up trunked in the end, but here’s hoping. *air conducts O Fortuna* I also do feel like going back and polishing the rest. I have a few that haven’t been submitted yet, and I’m feeling like I need to get them revised and out there. I think I’ll manage that this weekend.

I’m writing two stories this week, bouncing back and forth between them, after only managing to finish a 150-word-flash and some micro pieces last week. “The Challenger Deep,” which was a story I intended to finish last week, has been put on the back burner for now. I honestly wanted to get it down, get it revised and submit it by the end of the month to the Triangulation anthology. But while I like the storyline I have in my head, I don’t think it’s right for their theme–at least, it’s a stretch–and it’s got more of a horror element than anything. Despite their guidelines accepting sci-fi, fantasy and horror, at least one reader has commented that horror kind of counts against a story. So I’m thinking I’ll just stew on that idea a while longer and develop it later.

But of course, I’m not entirely sure. The two stories this week are stories that I have markets in mind for. One is a story I got really excited about last week, and one is an old idea that just sort of came back and keeps tapping on my shoulder. This was a story I was going to write a number of years ago, but thought would never work. Now I can see why it might. I see no reason why I won’t have both stories finished this week.

Also, donate to help Japan, if you can. I’ve had to stop watching videos online and even reading articles for a while. The Japanese are an amazingly respectful and industrious people, and I’m impressed with how they endure. Looting would have broken out here in record time, it seems. I hope they can minimize the nuclear threat and start healing from this devastation as soon as possible. I cannot imagine.

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