Smoke and Drum up at Linger Fiction

The August issue of Linger Fiction went up on the 1st. The issue contains my story Smoke and Drum, and fantastic stories by Nathaniel Katz, Brenda Stokes Barron and Jaelithe Ingold, three writers I know, like and admire a great deal. šŸ™‚ The other story is by Bruce Boston. I don’t know him, but I’ve been an admirer of his work for a very long time now.Ā Having a story alongsideĀ one of his isĀ a real thrill for me. My story is in the company of awesome work by some great people, and I couldn’t be happier! I don’t seem to have enough adjectives.

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  1. August 2nd, 2011 | Milo James Fowler says:

    Nice one; strong finish!

  2. August 2nd, 2011 | Brenda Stokes Barron says:

    I loved your story, Shelley! You transported me to another place and time and shocked me with that ending. Great work, like always. šŸ™‚

  3. August 3rd, 2011 | Madeline Mora-Summonte says:

    That was so good! It felt like such a full story – great detail and well-developed characters – for so few words.

  4. August 3rd, 2011 | Shelley says:

    Thanks, guys!

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