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Dirty Underwear and Crazy Hair

Today is Friday the 13th, traditionally a day I enjoy. It’s also my cousin’s birthday, so we’ll be going out this evening to see a movie when she gets off work, and having cake and ice cream tomorrow. So there’s every reason for it to be a good day and an enjoyable weekend, despite lots of work to do.

I went to the ATM this morning at my bank to find it out of order, which was a pain because I needed to withdraw cash from one account to deposit it into another–transfers take up to 3 business days, and I really needed to put some scratch in the main checking account today.

So I drove to the gas station (where I needed to go anyway) and used their ATM. It’s 50 cents cheaper to withdraw cash there than at my bank. Who knew? I can’t decide if I’m aggravated at the inconvenience of the broken ATM that made me double back and waste time, or pleased that now I can save a whopping 50 cents every time I need more than $20 cash (which you can get free at most grocery stores as cash back, after all). I think it’s a mix of both.

I’m hoping the broken ATM hasn’t set the tone for the day, though, as these things tend to do, and because before I realized it was cheaper at the gas station, I was pretty miffed at the inconvenience. I also find myself wishing I’d spent a little more time making sure my hair didn’t look insane before I left this morning, but I hadn’t planned on actually going in anywhere to get cash. No, I didn’t leave the house in dirty underwear, as the old saying goes, but I did have semi-crazy hair. It was combed and everything, but let’s just say I wouldn’t have wanted to run into anyone I knew in high school. And instead of staying relatively sheltered in my car at the ATM and drive-thru, I had to walk inside a gas station full of people.

Lesson learned: Don’t leave the house looking like Cruella in case you must actually face real life people. Why do I feel it’s so much worse to have to get out and walk into a building looking maniacal when the fact is that everyone I pass on the road can also see me. Shelley, say this out loud 5 times–your car’s windshield is transparent. Everyone can see you.

There’s a writing lesson to be learned here. Just like it pays to check that mirror before you leave and get in your car with its transparent windshield, it pays to proofread one last time before you send anything out. A story currently waiting for a response now for a couple of weeks has a word missing in the final paragraph that I didn’t catch until, you guessed it, I’d submitted the thing. I’d changed that sentence a wee bit before sending the story, and somehow left the word out. Should have done that last crazy-hair check.


One of “Those” Writing Days

Today is one of them.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not discouraged, not at all. In general, I’m very positive and upbeat about a variety of things today.

But this morning, I looked at an old story and a couple of recent first drafts, and felt like I was staring into a refrigerator box full of knotted up Christmas lights. I know I’ll get them untangled eventually, but damn. And I might get impatient in the middle and start yanking. That would be bad.

I think today is a day for structuring new things or even writing rought draft material instead of editing. Also, chocolate.