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I got an email today from a publication I submitted to about a week ago. I actually groaned out loud when I saw it, and put off opening it for about an hour. I just was not in the mood to start my day with a rejection, and have to submit the dang thing again. I finally squinched my eyes shut and opened it, mumbling, “Yeah, I know, I know, thanks for sending it, but.”

To my great relief, it wasn’t a rejection. It wasn’t an acceptance, either. They just wanted me to know that it was still under consideration for a specific issue, so they were going to hang onto it and let me know later, for which they gave me a date. That was nice, especially after I was already reading the form rejection in my head.

As to my procrasstination (you probably thought I didn’t know how to spell it, didn’t you?), I wasted a lot of time today, and yesterday if I want to be honest, being an ass. I got caught up in a debate that just sucked my mental energy and time. It was a debate about human rights issues, not writing. So not only was I wasting time in a debate that accomplished absolutely nothing except raising the blood pressure of most people involved, it wasn’t even writing-related.

I can think of no better way to be unproductive than the way I’ve spent a lot of time these last two days. And. I. Know. Better. It would even be different if it had been conscious procrastination, but it wasn’t. I just suddenly found it vitally important that a few people understood my point. And that’s asinine. Who cares, really? So I’ve self-banned myself from even reading conversations at this particular place–something I decided not to do long ago when I realized how easy it was to get sucked in, but broke my rule yesterday–so now I won’t have that very frustrating distraction.

Did I say ass? Because really, ass needs to be said. Okay, back to it!