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She Wanted a Romance… up at Defenestration

Defenestration is a fun publication. If you like humor that ranges from clever to side-splitting, you should read it regularly. I do. 

My short “She Wanted a Romance on Classics Night, but it was His Turn” is up to day in Defenestration’s April issue. I wrote this several years ago and didn’t do anything with it like revising or submitting until recently. I’m pleased it found a home. 1984 is one of my favorite novels, and John Hurt, who was my favorite actor for years (and whom I still adore), played Winston Smith in the film. That all means nothing to you right now unless you’ve read the story, but that’s okay.

It’s not the first time I’ve been in Defenestration. I had a longer, wilder story called “The Art of Truth,” a hardboiled parody that was huge fun to write and that won me a prize in the writing group where the parody challenge originated, in their June, 2004 issue. It’s a .pdf download, if you’re interested. Two haiku by Andrew Duncan in the beginning are worth downloading it for, in my opinion, so it won’t be a waste of your time. I’ve remembered those poems since the issue came out because I got such a kick out of them. I actually recite them from time to time, during what I feel like are appropriate moments. I just read them again in my head; I needed that chuckle.