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Knots and Loops and Tangles, Oh My!

A few days ago I complained that the stories I needed to revise looked like a refrigerator box full of knotted up Christmas lights. I’ve just done a bit of untangling, and discovered two strands of lights where I thought there was only one.

My week 8 story, a story that was rejected by the narrowly-focused anthology I wrote it for and sent it to, has given me some grief. The only other places suitable for it all want a maximum length that’s about 700 words shorter than my story. And the story itself, even if they didn’t have the length requirement, would still need some changes to be suitable anywhere else. I wasn’t sure for a while whether it would be worth trimming down by at least 700 words to be able to submit somewhere else. I thought about trunking it.

I’ve been working those damn knots today, even used my teeth a couple of times, and discovered what really needs to happen to that story. It needs to become two different stories, each slightly different in tone from each other and from the original draft. Problem solved, I think. Has to be right because the idea of cutting it up and weedwhacking it into two separate creatures feels right and not at all painful. I’ll have to do a significant amount of writing and revision on both halves, but that feels okay, too.

It’s 60 degrees outside here, so I’m going to think hard about the different ways I could play these two stories while I’m doing something outdoors.

One knot down!


One of “Those” Writing Days

Today is one of them.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not discouraged, not at all. In general, I’m very positive and upbeat about a variety of things today.

But this morning, I looked at an old story and a couple of recent first drafts, and felt like I was staring into a refrigerator box full of knotted up Christmas lights. I know I’ll get them untangled eventually, but damn. And I might get impatient in the middle and start yanking. That would be bad.

I think today is a day for structuring new things or even writing rought draft material instead of editing. Also, chocolate.