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Uncle Joe’s Activism to Appear in Eric’s Hysterics

I had a lot of fun with this one. I wrote it several weeks ago as a very short piece of prose.  I thought it was weird and funny. After a couple of rejections, I opted to revise it into what I hoped would be a darkly comic poem. It’ll appear at Eric’s Hysterics at some as-of-yet undetermined date. This marks the 16th accepted piece I’ve written this year, and the 25th acceptance for the year overall.

I’ve actually used the character of Uncle Joe once before in a Twitter-length micro-story that appeared in Trapeze Magazine in April. That might make you think Uncle Joe is  likable guy that’s fun to have around and that I might wish I had an uncle just like. You’d be wrong. 🙂

This week I resubbed a couple of stories, after revising one a little more, and worked on a very old story that I’m not having much luck with. I saw some places where I could tweak it and make the theme more coherent from beginning to end. I didn’t do a very good job of that, I see now. I also revamped the opening a bit and did a little cutting, ever amazed at how unnecessary things can still pop out after having read it as many times as I have. I still have high hopes for it.

An idea came to me last week for a story, so I started on it as my story for the month. A few days ago, another idea slammed me hard enough that I did some research for it. Neither of these ideas are the most original things ever, so I have to find an angle that raises them above the ordinary if they’re going to be anything but the same old, same old. Fortunately for me, that usually happens at some point after I start writing.

I know which “in revision” stories I want to look at this week and try to wrench into shape, too. I’m having better luck with that now that instead of looking at the list and thinking about them all, which is overwhelming, I decide which one or two I’m definitely going to work on. Then I can go right for those and get much more accomplished.


Two Submission Possibilities

I added another inquiry to my freelance marketing quest today after I posted here, so I’m up to 14 inquiries with 2 positive responses in 5 days. I’ll take that.

While I was scouring the Internet and reading for pleasure this evening, I found a market that seems pretty perfect for the short story I’m working on, and one where I think a poem would be a good fit. Of course, convincing the editors of these things is another trick entirely, but I’m happy that I now know where at least one submission will go to get me to this week’s goal. The poem was written a long time ago, and I feel like it’s as good as I can make it right now. So it’s time to start sending it out.

The short story isn’t quite finished, and I don’t think I can finish it and get it revised to the point I’ll be happy with it in time to send it before Monday. If you’re new at this, realize that there really is wisdom in the idea of finishing something and putting it aside for a while, and that doesn’t mean a few hours. That’s better than nothing, but a month or even just a week later you’ll see things you didn’t see before. It will surprise you.