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Leather, Denim & Silver in print; Foreplay up at Philly Flash Inferno

My flash “Foreplay” is up at Philly Flash Inferno today, too. Didn’t know that when I posted earlier. Philly is a fun little place with a “Seven Deadly Sins” theme. Lust seems to be the order of the day this time.

Also, Leather, Denim & Silver: Legends of the Monster Hunter is now in print and out for the Kindle! Through Amazon’s sampling feature, anyone can read the first story in the book for free–and that one happens to be mine! If you have a Kindle, a device that you can read Kindle books on or JUST YOUR PC you can download the Kindle sample for free. Or you can go to the print edition page linked at the top and click the button on the right that says “Read First Chapter Free” which uses Kindle for the web. My entire story is included in all of those samples, as well as a good bit of the second story.