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Rooftop Cage up at Seven by Twenty (7×20)

My cinquain Rooftop Cage (and wee bio) went up at Seven by Twenty (7×20) today. Long before I submitted it, several poems and micro-fictions were selected for the anthology 140 and Counting. A few writers never returned their contracts, so I was asked if the cinquain could be included in the anthology. I sent the contract this morning. That was a fun little bonus! I have another tiny thing going up at 7×20 next week, as well. It appeared in Nanoism a couple of months ago.

In other news, the story I got a tiny start on this month, The Listeners, is shelved for the moment. Instead, I wrote a short story in about an hour as practice for the previously mentioned September Flash Blast. And my, I’m out of practice. I love writing to prompts and I love timed writing, but I’ve done it all of once in the last few years or so. I think the story I produced has a lot of potential, though, so I’m editing it now and hoping to submit soon. I don’t want to tinker too long. I did get my one story written for August, at least, but I doubt I manage anymore.

I also have some notes on the next story I definitely want to write, which won’t be the rest of The Listeners. I think that one will have to wait a short while, since my aim is to “flash write” at least 20 times in September, though I’m really hoping for at least once a day.


A Light-Bulb Moment up at AntipodeanSF

 A Light-Bulb Moment has found a new home online this month at AntipodeanSF, an Australian speculative fiction ezine that gets archived in The National Library of Australia, which I find far too cool. A slightly shorter version of this appeared in NFG in 2004 or so.





Teach Your Kids to Stay Safe from Cannibals up at errant parent

Teach Your Kids to Stay Safe from Cannibals went up today at errant parent. This little ditty was one of two humor shorts I wrote essentially as an audition for something quite some time ago. They got me in the door and did their job, so I hated to let them sit on my hard drive after spending time on them. I’ve developed the need to submit everything I write repeatedly until it’s picked up or I run out of places. I’ve submitted the other piece only once, and will be resubmitting it sometime this month, as soon as I find someplace that seems like a good fit.

 I also found out today that my first haibun, “Competition,” will appear in the November 2011 print edition of Scifaikuest. I’m thrilled to be included!


Smoke and Drum up at Linger Fiction

The August issue of Linger Fiction went up on the 1st. The issue contains my story Smoke and Drum, and fantastic stories by Nathaniel Katz, Brenda Stokes Barron and Jaelithe Ingold, three writers I know, like and admire a great deal. 🙂 The other story is by Bruce Boston. I don’t know him, but I’ve been an admirer of his work for a very long time now. Having a story alongside one of his is a real thrill for me. My story is in the company of awesome work by some great people, and I couldn’t be happier! I don’t seem to have enough adjectives.


The Man in the Pipes up at Bartleby Snopes

My story “The Man in the Pipes” is up at Bartleby Snopes.

I also had a difficult rejection today. The rejection itself wasn’t bad–just a form letter–but I’d had such high hopes for this one. I read it, felt completely bummed out for about 5 minutes, then made a couple quick changes to the story (changes that had to be made, since it was subbed to a themed anthology) and sent it back out again. I’m surprised the sting isn’t lingering, but it’s gone.

Not bad for a Monday.