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Writing/Rejection/Acceptance Statistics

When I created this website last year, it was with the intention of motivating myself to have something more than old publications to actually put on it. I’ve achieved that. Now I hope that someone on the cusp, wanting to submit but unsure, might be prompted to give it a go. That’s really the purpose for chronicling everything. It’s not so much for me–though it is nice to look over things when I feel a bit glum–but for others to see the process.

Given that, here are some statistics from my W1S1 experimenting so far this year.

  • As of today, August 6th, 86 submissions this year, 23 acceptances (one a contest win, not a publication, so 22 publication acceptances) with 15 of those written this year. I currently have 10 things out to 10 different markets.  I’ve had 7 withdrawals for various reasons, and 45 rejections.
  • Of 22 acceptances, 12 of those were accepted by the first market I sent them to.
  • Of 86 submissions, submissions I made without reading at least something from the publication I was submitting to: 2, only because those were new markets with nothing yet published.
  • The first 4 things I submitted this year were accepted by the first markets I submitted them to.
  • Of the first 7 things I submitted, 6 were accepted by the first market. My 5th submission was rejected, but #6 and #7 were accepted first time out. Those were submitted in February.
  • That was the last time that two things sent consecutively were accepted at those markets until the two recent submissions from July 28th and 29th, which were both accepted about a week later.
  • My first 7 acceptances of the year were to the first markets the pieces were sent to. Getting those 7 acceptances on pieces submitted in Jan and Feb took until the end of May. Acceptance number 8 broke that streak.
  • I have yet to have a story accepted on its 4th time out. I’ve had 12 accepted the first time out, 6 accepted the 2nd time out, 2 accepted the third time out and 2 accepted the 5th time out. Smoke and Drum and When They Come were both rejected 4 times before being picked up. They’re my most rejected published pieces.
  • My most rejected piece so far (ever, not just this year) is Sounds on Blacktop. It’s been rejected 5 times, and is currently at market #6.
  • There are 4 pieces that were rejected that I haven’t resubmitted for various reasons. Every other rejected piece has been submitted at least twice.
  • 12 of the rejections were personal rejections, that had comments about the story inside. The rest were form, or probably form.
  • The longest time a story has been out before acceptance is 100 days. The longest one has been out before rejection is 69 days.
  • Smallest number of submissions in a month: 4
  • Month with the most submissions: March, with 37
  • The longest streak of acceptances received in a row: 4 between April11th and 24th
  • The longest streak of rejections received ina row: 19 between March 2nd and March 31st. I then got 2 acceptance on the 31st, or the entire month of March would have been a wash.
  • Month with the most rejections: March 21 (two came in after an acceptance on the last day)
  • Month with the most acceptances:  April, with 6
  • Months with no acceptances: 0
  • New stories written this year that haven’t been edited and submitted yet? 13
  • Old stories that are close but haven’t been final edited/submitted yet: 5
  • Of the 45 rejections, how many really, really bothered me: 1. I still resubmitted within the hour.


What does all that mean? Not much, really, except that the more you have out there, the better your chances of publication, and the less you’ll focus on individual rejections. And it certainly can’t hurt to actually read the kind of stuff you’re writing, from the publications in which you’d like your stuff to appear. That is all. Go submit something!


A Light-Bulb Moment up at AntipodeanSF

 A Light-Bulb Moment has found a new home online this month at AntipodeanSF, an Australian speculative fiction ezine that gets archived in The National Library of Australia, which I find far too cool. A slightly shorter version of this appeared in NFG in 2004 or so.





Two Pieces Published Today

A poem and a story of mine went up today in two different publications.

My poem “Propaganda” went up in the new issue of Niteblade. The issue is also called Propaganda, which gives me quite a thrill! I like Niteblade a lot, and am really pleased to make it in.

My short story “Rumpelstiltskin’s Lament” also went up today in the issue of Luna Station Quarterly. This is a fun speculative ezine (that you can also download in .pdf format) that features writing by women.

Read all the stories and poems while you’re at both these places. Good stuff. This is a really nice way to start off the month of June!


She Wanted a Romance… up at Defenestration

Defenestration is a fun publication. If you like humor that ranges from clever to side-splitting, you should read it regularly. I do. 

My short “She Wanted a Romance on Classics Night, but it was His Turn” is up to day in Defenestration’s April issue. I wrote this several years ago and didn’t do anything with it like revising or submitting until recently. I’m pleased it found a home. 1984 is one of my favorite novels, and John Hurt, who was my favorite actor for years (and whom I still adore), played Winston Smith in the film. That all means nothing to you right now unless you’ve read the story, but that’s okay.

It’s not the first time I’ve been in Defenestration. I had a longer, wilder story called “The Art of Truth,” a hardboiled parody that was huge fun to write and that won me a prize in the writing group where the parody challenge originated, in their June, 2004 issue. It’s a .pdf download, if you’re interested. Two haiku by Andrew Duncan in the beginning are worth downloading it for, in my opinion, so it won’t be a waste of your time. I’ve remembered those poems since the issue came out because I got such a kick out of them. I actually recite them from time to time, during what I feel like are appropriate moments. I just read them again in my head; I needed that chuckle.


Mod up at Brain Harvest

My flash story Mod went up at Brain Harvest today. I started the story in August of 2010 and technically finished it, but I knew it wasn’t “finished.” In January, I pulled it out, added a bunch of words, cut a bunch more, and sent it off. I’m pleased it ended up at Brain Harvest, as I like a lot of the stories they run and their tone, in general.

Had a rejection today, a batch of 3 poems, but I’ve already sent one back out and am looking for a place to send the other two. Sometimes I send stories out and immediately make a list of markets in case they’re rejected. I have a separate spreadsheet page for each piece that lists the markets that have rejected it, the market it’s at and the markets that it can go to.

I need to do that soon for everything I have out, because it makes rejections less of a big deal. Having to stop and find a market makes it seem so much more BLARGH. But when I have a list ready to go, I just create the cover letter, make sure I don’t have to change format (or change it if I do) and zap it back out. Requires less dwelling on it.