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Jill put flowers up at 7×20

Jill put flowers, reprinted from NanoismWee bio. And one more thing.

I’m also finding myself somewhat in agreement with this Tumblr post I came across, kind of ironically, on Twitter.  Self-Loathing 101: Thought Verbs by Chuck Palahniuk.

While I agree that there are some writing teachers and bits of writing advice out there designed to belittle you/make them feel superior/make you write like them, among other things, I do think Palahnuik’s challenge on getting rid of thought verbs is a great one, and probably isn’t the best example that could have been used to make the point.




Rooftop Cage up at Seven by Twenty (7×20)

My cinquain Rooftop Cage (and wee bio) went up at Seven by Twenty (7×20) today. Long before I submitted it, several poems and micro-fictions were selected for the anthology 140 and Counting. A few writers never returned their contracts, so I was asked if the cinquain could be included in the anthology. I sent the contract this morning. That was a fun little bonus! I have another tiny thing going up at 7×20 next week, as well. It appeared in Nanoism a couple of months ago.

In other news, the story I got a tiny start on this month, The Listeners, is shelved for the moment. Instead, I wrote a short story in about an hour as practice for the previously mentioned September Flash Blast. And my, I’m out of practice. I love writing to prompts and I love timed writing, but I’ve done it all of once in the last few years or so. I think the story I produced has a lot of potential, though, so I’m editing it now and hoping to submit soon. I don’t want to tinker too long. I did get my one story written for August, at least, but I doubt I manage anymore.

I also have some notes on the next story I definitely want to write, which won’t be the rest of The Listeners. I think that one will have to wait a short while, since my aim is to “flash write” at least 20 times in September, though I’m really hoping for at least once a day.