Write 1 Sub 1 April recap, May plans

April was a busy month. It took me up to 49 total submissions for 2011, 12 acceptances (6 of those W1S1 stories) and 22 separate things written for the year, not counting the in-progress novella, which will make it 23. This was also a busy month for publications.

So I’m an April Witch for meeting the W1S1 goals for the month. (Some would argue that I deserve that label in all the other months, too.)


  1. Hunger and So Tired (both micro-fiction) — Horror
  2. A Better Place (1,600) — Horror
  3. For Want of a Common Tongue (2,600)– Fantasy
  4. When they Come (130) — Literary
  5. *Incubus (almost 16,000) — Erotic paranormal romance


*This one is still in progress, but the wordage is enough that I’m comfortable counting it as one week’s work! 🙂

I made only my bare minimum 4 submissions this month. One was accepted within a few hours and went up in April, too. One had to be withdrawn because the email kept bouncing. The other two are still out there. There are a couple of reasons I only submitted 4 times. 1. I burned myself out on the process in March, I think. I went gung-ho, which is fine and fun. But it was also a lot of work keeping track of everything and going through the process so often. I anticipate many more than 4 submissions in May, though nowhere near March’s number. The other reason was that April was a generally busy month and a bit overwhelming.


  1. She Wanted a Romance on Classics Night, but it was His Turn accepted by Defenestration
  2. Foreplay accepted by Philly Flash Inferno
  3. Rumpelstiltskin’s Lament accepted by Luna Station Quarterly
  4. Propaganda (previously published poem) accepted by Niteblade
  5. Jill Put Flowers… accepted by Nanoism
  6. A Matter of Perspective accepted by Do Hookers Kiss?



  1. A History of Conflict at The Eye of the Needle
  2. She Wanted a Romance on Classics Night, but it was his Turn at Defenestration
  3. Just in Case… at Trapeze
  4. Foreplay at Philly Flash Inferno
  5. Reasons to Kill in the anthology Leather, Denim & Silver: Legends of the Monster Hunter


I have my trib copy of the anthology, and it looks fantastic. My story is the first in the book, so the entire thing is included in the sample, which you can actually read on your PC, whether or not you have a Kindle. I’m really pleased with the anthology, and thrilled to have appeared in it!

May Plans

I’ve actually considered dropping back from a story a week to a couple a month for the summer, mostly because I have so much work ahead of me over at least the next couple of months. Throughout April, very often I felt like I was scrambling to keep up.

Instead, I’ve opted to do a sort of modified thing that will make it easier for me. Those doing Light Ray or Light Ray X 2 actually 1 story/1 sub or 2 stories/2 subs, respectively. While I’ll still be doing 1 of each per week, it will be on average rather than a hard and fast one per week, just in that 7-day timeframe. That should allow me to still average 1 story/1 sub per week, even if I have to double up some weeks, or do a few in a couple of weeks. That modification should make it possible for me to keep going on the weekly format.

Aside from a minumum of 4 stories/4 subs, I’d like to actually get everything that’s in revision out the door. That’s actually a lot–an embarrassing number of stories. It’s easy to glance down my W1S1 page and immediately see my biggest obstacle–calling revision finished. I can get the stories down pretty quickly. Revising them to my satisfaction sometimes doesn’t happen quite so snappily.

Everything I submitted in January has been accepted, which is pretty cool. But I still have two new stories I wrote in January that I’ve never submitted. I’m pretty sure W1S1 is designed to curtail that, so I must make a special effort this month to get the new stuff all out. That will probably limit new stories to the minimum, because I find revising and submitting takes me far longer in many cases than writing the first draft.

I hope everyone had a productive and successful April. I’m pleased with the first 4 months of 2011 as far as writing goes, and looking forward to May!

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  1. May 2nd, 2011 | Madeline Mora-Summonte says:

    Congrats! Not only on all the acceptances but on all the work itself. 🙂

    I’m doing the Light Ray version but I always aim to try and get two or more new stories done plus revise and sub some older ones. I hear you about getting the story down but the revising to your liking taking forever.

  2. May 2nd, 2011 | A. S. Andrews says:

    Congrats on all the publications and acceptances! I like your modification to the weekly W1S1 plan – I’ve been thinking about doing that too, for some of the same reasons!! I’m giving myself another week or two to decide (seeing how summer scheduling shakes out).

  3. May 2nd, 2011 | Milo James Fowler says:

    Those personal rejections deserve a category all their own! Very few and far between, in my experience.

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