Write 1 Sub 1–January Recap, February Plans

I signed up late for this–January 26th instead of before January 1st–but I still managed to meet the weekly goal, if you average it. Two of the stories were Twitter-length fiction, something I never imagined doing. It’s challenging to try to imply a much bigger story in 140 characters or less, but I’ll admit I tried it only because it was fast, it’s allowed and I had a week-and-a-half to do a month’s worth of work. I’m pleased, and about to finish my first piece for February with a bunch of ideas to tackle in the coming weeks, so it’s been a success for me so far. I’m a January Juggernaut, because I met my goals for the month!


The idea is 1 new story and 1 submission (not necessary the same story) per week. In February, I hope to actually do 1 a week instead of cramming them all in at the end.


  1. Jill Put Flowers (21 words) — main/lit
  2. Just in Case (24 words) — genre (horror)
  3. Sink (4900 words) — genre, (fantasy/horror maybe)
  4. We Three (500 words) — genre, (sci-fi)
  5. Finished and revised Mod, a story started last August. Added over 500 words, then cut out a bunch of bad ones — genre (horror/weird tale)
  6. Revised A Light-Bulb Moment, a story published in 2004 in NFG. Expanded it from 69 words to about 135 — genre (sci-fi)



  1. Jill Put Flowers — Nanoism
  2. Just in Case — Trapeze
  3. A Light-Bulb Moment — AntipodeanSF
  4. Mod — Brain Harvest


Acceptances/Rejections for Jan:

1. Just in Case accepted by Trapeze, will appear in April.

Stories in circulation (I’ll be so happy when this hits double digits!):


Trapeze Magazine is a wordpress blog that publishes horror/fantasy/sci-fi Twitter-length fiction. It was fun, but I think it’s a gimme. Pretty easy market, as most of the short-stuff markets (at least when they’re that short) seem to be. I don’t anticipate rapid-fire acceptances elsewhere so it was nice to get a yes so early in the process after being out of it for so long.

The problem I know I’ll have is slow returns and rejections, because at least some of the stories I’ll be submitting will go to lit markets, which are notoriously pokey. One I’d like to crack never seems to reply to anyone before 6 months are up, with no simsubs allowed. One story might get submitted 2 or 3 times this year and rejected, as opposed to some genre markets which have a look in a few days or a month. We’ll see what happens. I intend to submit everything to the best markets I think they have a shot at, while anticipating rejection from all sides. It’s okay; I can take it.


I have a few story ideas I want to write now, with most of them aimed at specific anthologies. The danger in this is that when the story is rejected, it might be hard to find it another home. One anthology is fairly specific and a little bizarre. The story will probably end up a trunk story if it’s rejected, and the likelihood of that may be pretty high. But I want to write it, so I will. A second idea is for an anthology that also has a pretty narrow theme. Not sure if it could be adapted out a bit for other markets if it’s rejected. Those are probably foolish choices on my part, but I really want to tell these stories. I’m not sure what the other two stories this month will be, or if there’ll be more than four.

I do know that I intend to revise a couple of older stories, the literary ones, and push them out the door. At least two of those will be submissions this month, provided I’m happy with my revisions.

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  1. February 11th, 2011 | Samuel Mae says:

    Go, Shelley, go! That’s some nice stattage (not a word, but it really should be). Good to see you got a non-flash story in there as well 😉

  2. February 13th, 2011 | Shelley says:

    Thanks! This month so far the non-flash have outweighed the flash, but I’m not sure I can do that every week. Here’s hoping! I think stattage should be adopted as a word, most definitely.

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