Write 1 Sub 1 May Recap, June Plans

May. Was. Insane.

Not because of anything writing-related. Life in general is intensely stressful at the moment, and I have too much to do with little time to do it. This summer is going to be so busy that I’m unsure of my ability to write something everything week, but I plan on trying. If I can’t do it, then I’ll crank it down a little for July (and that may be necessary whether I make it in June or not).  I managed to pull it out in May, but just barely.


  1. *must stay anonymous for another week–Horror
  2. She Can See Her Face in It — Literary
  3. Two-Story Outhouse in Gays, Illinois — Literary
  4. The Universal Message of Men’s Nipples — Literary


*The anonymous story was submitted to the bi-monthly Shock Totem flash fiction contest. I counted that as a submission, because technically there’s the possibility of winning some sort of prize. Only the top winner gets anything, and even then publication seems pretty unlikely. This story may be my first submission of June, because I don’t have high hopes for winning. The voting ends June 7th, so I should be able to send it to another market within a day or two of that, after one change that I wish I’d made before sending it to the contest.

I also worked a little on the novella, and wrote a 3,200 word story as a gift for someone, so that one won’t be submitted anywhere.

I made 7 submissions in May, so I’m all right there.


  1. Manny’s Candy accepted by Books of the Dead Press for the upcoming Zombie Kong anthology.


This was a great acceptance for me. It’s a solid, semi-pro market that has published stories by lots of names I not only recognize, but whose stories I’ve been enjoying for years. This is the one I was gritting my teeth over. I’m so thrilled with this!


One publication in May: They Named the Dog Irony at Cuento Magazine .

June Plans

I’m going to have to treat June the same way I did May, and plan on finishing 5 stories within the month to average 1 a week. I can’t guarantee each week will give me time to finish something, so this is my modification to make staying in the challenge possible. I’m not entirely sure it’s going to work this month, but *crosses fingers*.

Ironically, given that plan, I have two stories that I must finish within the first couple of weeks. One was requested for an upcoming podcast launch this Halloween–I was thrilled to be asked to submit! The other is for an anthology with a July 1st deadline. I’d hoped to write that one long ago, but I’m down to the wire on it now. The other two stories will probably end up being flashes, simply because I will have so little time to devote to them.

I’m hoping to get more of the backlogged stuff out, too. I have way too many in revision stages, and it’s getting a little embarrassing!

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  1. June 2nd, 2011 | Samuel Mae says:

    Nicely done, Shelley. And it looks like June is gonna be a crazy-busy writing month for you too. *cheerleads*

  2. June 8th, 2011 | Shelley says:

    Thanks! June is looking to be busy on every front.

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