W1S1 Stats

Write 1 Sub 1 is the brainchild of Milo James Fowler, Simon Kewin and Stephen V. Ramey, who are an all-around talented and inspiring bunch of guys. The idea is to adopt Ray Bradbury’s early method of writing a story a week and sending it out. There are options for those who want to adapt the plan to fit their needs, such as a story a month, a story every two weeks, or even other variations. The point is to regularly produce work and submit it.

I decided to do this around January 25th or 26th, so the week 1-3 stories were written in the 4th week, along with the week 4 story. That also helps explain why the first two are Twitter-length. I decided that if I could actually catch up and complete 4 stories by the end of January, regardless of length, I’d give it a go. Accepted stories will be linked to the proper pages as they appear.


I’ve never been quite so transparent about my writing processes or statistics, but since I’m participating in this year-long experiment, what the heck.
WRITE 1 SUB 1 2011 STATS (Last Updated 2/12/2012)

Submissions 2011: 94

Total submissions:
Jan: 4 | Feb 4 | Mar: 37 | Apr: 4 | May: 7 | Jun: 17 | Jul: 10 | Aug: 10 | Sep: 1

Written in 2011: 43

Micro: 8 | Flash: 12 | Short Story: 22 | Novella: 0.70% | Non-Fiction Humor: 1

Acceptances in 2011: 27
Of those, 16 were written in 2011

Monthly recap posts:



Week Story  Words Status
1 Jill Put Flowers Micro
  • PUBLISHED in Nanoism
  • PUBLISHED as a reprint by 7×20
2 Just in Case Micro PUBLISHED in Trapeze Magazine
3 Sink 4,800 Not subbed in 2011
4 We Three 500 Not subbed in 2011
5 Manny’s Candy 7,200 PUBLISHED by Books of the Dead Press for the Zombie Kong anthology
6 Smoke and Drum 750 PUBLISHED by Linger Fiction
6 Reasons to Kill 6,400 PUBLISHED in Leather, Denim & Silver: Legends of the Monster Hunter from Pill Hill Press
7 Rumpelstiltskin’s Lament 1,350 PUBLISHED in Luna Station Quarterly
8 Original story now split into two shorter stories 4,700 Neither subbed in 2011
9 The Man in the Pipes 1,000 PUBLISHED in Bartleby Snopes
10 Four micro-stories: 1 They Named the Dog Irony Micro PUBLISHED (1 of 4) in Cuento Magazine
10 Uncle Joe’s Activism 150 Accepted by Eric’s Hysterics
11 The Door 2,000 Not subbed in 2011
11 Lucky 2,500 Not subbed in 2011
12 A History of Conflict 425 PUBLISHED in The Eye of the Needle
12 The Way Things Burn 1,300 Not subbed in 2011
13 Hunger Micro PUBLISHED by Trapeze Magazine
13 So Tired Micro Trunked, incorporated into different piece
14 A Better Place 1,600 Not subbed in 2011
15 For Want of a Common Tongue 2,600 Not subbed in 2011
16/17 Incubus Not subbed in 2011
17 When They Come 300 PUBLISHED by Right Hand Pointing
18 Shiny Things 985 Won 1st Place in the May Shock Totem Flash Fiction Contest, not otherwise subbed in 2011
19 Two-Story Outhouse in Gays, Illinois 1,200 Trunked for now
20 She Can See Her Face in It 1,500 Trunked for now
21 The Universal Message of Men’s Nipples 600 Trunked for now
26 What’s Inside 7,200
  • Accepted by new horror podcast for debut issue on Halloween. Podcast series was cancelled a week or so before it was supposed to start. 🙁
26 In Relation to Light 3,000 Not currently under submission
Switched to min of 1/monthly instead of 1/weekly 
27 Black Squall 990 Not currently under submission
27 Pop Culture 970 Not subbed in 2011
28 Procrastination Topics (non-fic humor) 500 Not currently under submission
28 Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation 3,300 Not currently under submission
29 The Affair, 3 Stars out of 5 1,400 Not submitted in 2011
30 Competition (haibun) 150 PUBLISHED by Scifaikuest, Issue #34
34 Cleaning Fish 1,200 Not submitted in 2011
35 The Barter Fish 1,200 Not currently under submission
35 A Clear Path 800 Not submitted in 2011
35 Selective Memory 1,670 Not submitted in 2011
35 A Gracious Woman 835 Not submitted in 2011
35 Marking Time 1,010 Not submitted in 2011
36 The 12:35 Bus that Stops Near the College 1,340 Not submitted in 2011

September was pretty much the end for me, thanks to an emergency move and lots of related issues. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t make it the whole year, but I submitted 94 times, and 27 of those times, the people I sent things to liked them enough to keep ’em. I wrote about 43 new things, submitted 25 of them, and had 16 of those new stories accepted for publication. Most of the old stuff I polished off and sent out ended up between pages somewhere. If I were anything but pleased, I’d be a little cracked.

Pre-2011 stories revised and subbed:

Week Story Words Notes Status
3 A Light-Bulb Moment 150 Expanded previously published version PUBLISHED by AntipodeanSF
4 Mod 700 Finished and revised PUBLISHED in Brain Harvest
5 Sounds on Blacktop 3,400 Revised Not currently under submission
9 She Wanted Romance on Classics Night, but it was His Turn 300 Revised PUBLISHED in Defenestration
12 Foreplay 200 Revised PUBLISHED in Philly Flash Inferno
12 A Matter of Perspective (under pseudonym) 250 Revised PUBLISHED in erotic print zine
25 Curtains 800 Previously published in 2004 Trunked

Poetry and other submissions that don’t count in W1S1 stats:

Date Piece(s) Notes Status
3/3 Both prev. pubbed
  • Trunked
  • PUBLISHED in Niteblade
3/3 Pre-2011: One prev. pubbed,  never subbed
  • PUBLISHED by Comets and Criminals
  • Trunked
  • Trunked
3/11 Drunk Poet at the Wrong House Pre-2011, never subbed PUBLISHED by This Zine Will Change Your Life
3/30 Rooftop Cage (a cinquain) Pre-2011, never subbed
  • PUBLISHED by 7×20
  • PUBLISHED in 7×20 best-of anthology “140 and Counting


5/3 Teach Your Kids to Stay Safe from Cannibals Pre-2011, never subbed PUBLISHED in errant parent
5/3 A Guy’s Guide to Girl Movies Pre-2011, never subbed Not currently under submission
6/13 A Prayer in Famine Pre-2011, never subbed Not currently under submission
6/13 Bad Crops, a Stillbirth, an Accusation Pre-2011, never subbed Trunked
8/8 3 Haiku New and/or rewritten Not currently under submission